Monday, October 17, 2005

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The War Against Men & Masculinity: Radio Interview with Dr. Peter Chojnowski
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Catholic Radio Presents an Interview with

Dr. Peter Chojnowski

Catholic Author and Lecturer, Professor of Philosophy, at Gonzaga University.

The War Against Men & Masculinity

Animosity towards males and anything smacking of traditional expressions of masculinity is discussed. The distinction between men and women and how their respective roles, especially in marriage, are under attack by the enemies of the Christian social order are highlighted by Dr. Chojnowski and he shows how "feminist" ideology is used in schools to "make boys more like girls".

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Still Pro-Life

A former student of mine, at Gonzaga University, had his car stolen near the school. The car was gone for days. When the police found it, in another part of town, the radio was stolen and the PRO-LIFE BUMPERS STICKERS WERE RIPPED OFF. He has since put another sticker back on which says, "Still Pro-Life."
Dr. Peter Chojnowski

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

China abortion activist 'beaten'

A blind Chinese activist who raised concerns about forced abortion and sterilisation in Shandong province has been beaten up, media reports said.
Chen Guangcheng, 34, was attacked on Tuesday by a group of men, according to lawyers who spoke to Western media.

The lawyers had tried to visit him and persuade local officials to lift his house arrest.

Mr Chen has been detained since August, when he accused officials in Linyi of breaking family planning laws.

Several Chinese health workers have reportedly been arrested or sacked over his claims, that they forced people to have abortions or sterilisations.

Mr Chen was left bleeding on the street after the attack, according to Radio Free Asia.

"Chen Guangcheng was bleeding from several cuts and injuries to his arms, and also sustained an injury to his leg," a villager surnamed Chen told RFA.

Residents told RFA that Mr Chen's attackers were local officials, and that the visiting lawyers were also assaulted.

One child

Mr Chen's allegations were first given prominence in the US media, and Time magazine said last month that some 7,000 people had been sterilised against their will in Shandong.

China - the world's most populous country, with 1.3bn people - brought in a one-child policy 25 years ago in a drive to curb population growth.

Urban couples are offered strong incentives to have no more than one child, while policy is rural areas is more relaxed.

However, the government does not authorise health workers to carry out forced sterilisation and abortions.

Following Mr Chen's allegations, China's National Population and Family Planning Commission said it had received "successive complaints" about illegal practices in Linyi.

"Some persons concerned in a few counties and townships of Linyi did commit practices that violated law and infringed upon legitimate rights and interests of citizens while conducting family planning work," a statement from the commission said.

It is not known how many health officials were jailed or dismissed for their actions.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Colo. Church Buries Aborted Fetuses' Ashes

Associated Press Writer
BOULDER, Colo. (AP) - A Roman Catholic church buried the ashes of hundreds of aborted fetuses Sunday, a day after the 32nd anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision that made abortion legal, drawing criticism that the church was exploiting women's grief to make a political statement.
A crowd of 250 parishioners prayed as the ashes were buried in the Sacred Heart of Mary Church cemetery, while a handful of protesters gathered nearby holding signs that read, ``This church is a grave robber.''
A mortuary hired by the abortion clinic to dispose of the fetuses had been giving the ashes to the church for years to be buried at a memorial. Dr. Warren Hern, clinic director, said he had no idea such an arrangement had been made and said his contract required the mortuary to bury the ashes in its own plot.
The church agreed to return the remains of 300 to 500 fetuses that had been cremated in November before the service began Sunday. The church had been planning to bury up to 1,000 fetuses. Seven bags containing remains from miscarriages also were buried.
Organizers said they wanted to give the fetuses the burial they deserved and provide a place for women who have had abortions to grieve and mourn.
``I think they misunderstand what we're doing,'' service organizer Susan LaVelle said. She said the parish has held unannounced burials twice a year since 2001, but the parish priest agreed to make the burial public this year.
LaVelle said the timing of the service so close to the Saturday anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision was a coincidence.
But Kate Horle, spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, has said many of Hern's patients were devastated by the news of a religious service.
``Our concern is for the women who had personal relationships with Dr. Hern and their understanding of what would happen with the fetuses,'' she said. ``That trust was violated with a third party.''
Horle said most of Hern's patients have fetuses with fatal anomalies. His clinic specializes in ``late abortion for fetal disorders,'' according to its Web site.
Hern did not immediately return a message seeking comment Sunday, but called the service last week ``a cynical exploitation of private grief for political purposes.''
Doug Kramer, 18, said his family attended the burial because his sister considered an abortion 14 years ago but instead gave her baby up for adoption.
``It's great to bring this out to the public,'' he said. ``The word needs to be spread. Abortion does stop a beating heart. It's not giving a girl or boy a chance at life.''

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