Sunday, May 31, 2009

Cut Plannned Parenthood Funding in California!



Dear friend,

Planned Parenthood in California has had a bad year and it is only getting worse.

First, it was exposed misusing taxpayer dollars.

Then it was shown to protect child rapists.

Now, with your help, the nation’s largest abortion provider may lose up to 90 percent of its “family planning” funding in California.

In the face of a $24 billion shortfall, the state is considering pulling the Family PACT program, the innocently named government funding that fuels Planned Parenthood’s lucrative contraceptive programs.

Even Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, no friend to the pro-life movement, recognizes that Planned Parenthood’s huge profits last year – derived in part from a 21 percent increase in abortions – makes it undeserving of taxpayer handouts.

The state of California is desperate for money – it has even floated an idea to legalize and tax marijuana – and yet Planned Parenthood – tax-evading, molester-protecting, abortion-gorged Planned Parenthood – is receiving millions in tax dollars.

In 2006 alone, Planned Parenthood received an estimated $30 million from California’s state funding.

Seventy-four percent of Planned Parenthood clinics in California are medical and surgical abortion facilities. If state funding was taken from Planned Parenthood in this state, imagine how many lives could be saved.

We need YOU to call Gov. Schwarzenegger now! And tell him that Planned Parenthood does not deserve to pad their already gorged coffers with taxpayer dollars.

You can e-mail Gov. Schwarzenegger at

You can reach him by phone at (916) 445-2841.

Thank you for your swift action! Together we can defund Planned Parenthood both in California and nationwide.

In the Lord who IS Life,

Judie Brown
American Life League

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