Wednesday, October 28, 2009

LA Man Arrested for Death of 13 Week Unborn Baby

Sunday, October 25, 2009 (AP)
LA man arrested in death of his unborn child
(AP) --
Authorities say a 37-year-old Los Angeles man has been arrested on
suspicion of murder for the death of an unborn child believed to be his.
Police said in a press release that Joshua Woodward was arrested Sunday in
Los Angeles and is being held on $2 million bail in a county jail.
Police say the arrest came after an investigation on Monday revealed
"suspicious circumstances of a miscarriage." Investigators estimate the
fetus was in its 13th week.
Police released no information on the mother or the circumstances of the
child's death.
The release says Woodward is believed to have ties to Miami and Chicago
and detectives are also seeking information in those cities.
Investigators are set to present the case to prosecutors on Tuesday.
A deputy at the jail had no information on an attorney for Woodward